The Last Word and the Word After That


In this philosophical/theology/novel “The Last Word and the Word after That”, the Author, Brian McLaren has contributed exceptionally towards a re-working of current formulations and understandings of God’s ultimate judgment (putting the world to rights). The novel’s dialogue concerns the contextual and rhetorical placement of the word hell with in the new testament.
Through the use of fictional characters (it is a novel), and very believable and relate able scenarios, Brian primarily re-evaluates the concept of hell. Throughout the book he also re-considers God’s means of bringing judgment, and God’s restorative project for the Cosmos. I feel that this “fictional/story” mode of exploring the sacred scripture in some ways has a higher fidelity of application as compared to an abstracted systematic leaning method. As you enter into the very real and tangible lives of the characters within the story the understanding can become realized and lived out in a greater capacity.

If you have never considered the evolution of the concept of hell in the scripture time line this would be an excellent book to read. Consider how Jesus taught us through stories, why can’t our mode be the same? I give it two thumbs way up,
great job and plenty mahalo Brian!



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